Question & Answer

Does the vehicle color matter?


How long will the wrap last?

3M warranty allows for 5-7 years. Based on sun exposure the ultraviolet overlaminate will start to lose its gloss sheen and turn to a matte finish this process takes several years.

What if I need to change my phone number?

Absolutely, this process is called and overlay in the event you will need to change any aspect of your wrap we can re-print that portion of the wrap and overlay it on the existing wrap with a seamless appearance.

Will a full vehicle wrap damage the paint?

No, a full vehicle wrap actually protects the paint. Eliminating ghosting which occurs with basic vehicle lettering. Ghosting: Die cut vinyl lettering can cause a ghost image of the lettering after it is removed. This can sometimes be detailed or buffed out if it has not had severer sun exposure. A rule of thumb is approximately three years of exposure will start to cause "ghosting".

Can you put graphics on the windows?

Yes you can wrap the rear windshield and rear side windows if the vehicle is equipped with exterior driver and passenger side rear view mirrors.You CAN NOT wrap the front windshield, driver's front window or passenger front window. The windows are printed with a perforated see thru window vinyl and optically clear overlaminate. The perforation will allow you to display your printed message on the outside while allowing the driver to see out.

How long does it take?

A full vehicle wrap takes two to three full days to install. (Vehicle size dependent) The entire process from Design to Installation will vary based on complexity.

What is a Vehicle Wrap?

A Vehicle Wrap is a large digitally printed and laminated vinyl decal that is applied directly over the original paint of a vehicle.

Can I take my vehicle through the car wash?

Yes, but we do not recommend it. The best care is to hand wash your car.

Can the wrap be repaired after an accident?

Yes. We can reprint the necessary sections of the wrap that needs repaired. Insurance will often cover the cost.

What else can be vinyl wrapped?

Cars, Truck, Vans, Trailers. Anything can be wrapped!